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Hosted communication services or on-premise solutions for remote work?

If you are planning on upgrading your business communication system at this time, when you have to be six feet away from each other, you may be mulling over the benefits of hosted communication services. 

Unlike on-premise VoIP servers, VoIP-hosted communication services provide your company with cloud-based phone services from a trusted VoIP provider.

Instead of building and maintaining a series of servers, VoIP-hosted communication services are unique and useful because everything is taken care of. As a result, you require less on-site hardware and benefit from numerous capabilities with—wait for it—zero maintenance :)

These are only a few of the benefits of a hosted VoIP solution, though. In this post, let’s look through how VoIP-hosted communication services support remote working and help you adapt your operations to the new normal we find ourselves in.

A hosted VoIP solution is less complicated and easier to use

Unlike traditional VoIP services, which require ongoing maintenance, VoIP-hosted communication services are a cloud-based VoIP solution that is accessible via an IP network. This means that the only hardware you need to factor in is the physical phones and a network PoE switch.

Now, you can leverage a VoIP telephone service that powers your office phones with your PBX (Private Branch Exchange) hosted on your VoIP provider’s data centre, which is what is meant by VoIP-hosted communication services.

Hosted VoIP solutions are more cost-effective

As we’ve already established, there are a range of benefits to using VoIP-hosted communication services instead of a traditional phone system or an on-premise VoIP service. 

What I find to be the most persuasive, however, is the cost factor; VoIP-hosted communication services cost less to set up compared to on-premise VoIP services.

More often than not, there are no setup costs included in VoIP-hosted communication services. As hosted VoIP systems fall under operational expenditure instead of capital expenditure, these services tend to be even more attractive to businesses.

They can be set up with minimal interaction

Here’s something else to think over: VoIP-hosted communication services are perfectly suited for social distancing. This is because there’s usually no need for any kind of extensive installation, compared to a traditional VoIP platform or phone system. 

If you are trying to set your business operations up from home and connect your employees who are working remotely, one of the best options for you is a hosted VoIP solution. All you need are your phones and a network PoE switch.

This, ultimately, reduces the hassle and inconvenience otherwise inherent to setting up your business' communication system. 

It makes remote work a (relative) breeze

Because VoIP-hosted communication services are based on the cloud, it’s one of the best methods of communication for your employees who are working remotely.

It’s also a cheaper way to communicate with your clients, whether local or international, as it relies on the internet rather than a telecommunication network.

VoIP-hosted communication services also unify different communication technologies within your phone system to deliver exceptional features like:

  • Virtual PBX

  • Voice-to-email features

  • Fax-to-email features

  • Call forwarding

  • Conferencing features

  • Simultaneous ringing

  • Call tracking

  • Two-factor authentication with voice and SMS APIs

VoIP-hosted communication services also make it easier for companies to own phone numbers worldwide, freeing you from complex registration processes. In addition to this, VoIP-hosted communication services also make it possible for mobile workers to stay in touch using their connected devices.


Embrace remote working models with VoIP-hosted communication services

Do your due diligence and work with a VoIP provider you can rely on. Inquire about investing in VoIP-hosted communication services and continue to work remotely with fewer hiccups.

In this process, you will find that you can save money while minimising any exposure to COVID-19 with the power of VoIP-hosted communication services. Get in touch with JT’s Cloud today to find out more about the benefits of investing in your own VoIP system.