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How hosted voice solutions can help your team collaborate efficiently

At a time when connectivity is a prized element of any business, hosted voice solutions are now considered essential enterprise software. This is increasingly so because remote work is on the rise, and more and more companies find their teams scattered across the country or in different parts of the world.

Easily one of the most popular hosted voice solutions, VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol has now extended past its use in the sales and customer service industries and is being used by just about any business that wishes to improve internal communication and collaboration.

So, how does a communication system hosted on the internet with powerful PBX and Direct Inward Dialling functionality enhance coordination?

Let’s find out.

An all-in-one communication platform

One major benefit of using hosted voice solutions as a way of improving internal collaboration is the fact that teams can communicate through multiple formats, depending on the software chosen.

Voice solutions like VoIP, for instance, go beyond high-quality calling over the internet; it also facilitates powerful video calling and instant messaging features. All-in-one communication systems make life easier, especially since teams no longer have to hop from one communication platform to the other to use various features, which is often the case.

With VoIP, teams can easily switch from audio or video calling to IM and thereby maintain an accurate record of conversations and interactions in one place. 

Tagging and assignment features improve work allocation

While hosted voice solutions are now used in a number of industries including the e-commerce and education sectors, many of their features are primed for sales and customer service operations. 

Call tagging and assignment features are the perfect examples. When calls come in, these functions allow team members to coordinate amongst themselves and assign calls to the right person, tag calls in terms of which department is responsible for addressing the issues raised or the relevant processes that need to be followed. 

These features also come with a comment function, which makes it easier for team members to provide a quick briefing or guidelines in terms of what needs to be done when resolving external issues.

Cumulatively, features like these make communication more effective and efficient, preventing tasks and action items from slipping through the cracks.

Extension systems facilitate faster and easier communication

Direct Inward Dialling is one of VoIP’s most popular features and for good reason. This handy function allows internal teams to dial a simple 3-5-digit code on their phones and get through to team members in any part of the world. 

Naturally, this kind of ability makes coordination significantly easier. The limitations of other types of communication platforms, like delays in responses and expensive call charges, do not apply - teams have the power to bridge geographical distances, simply by punching in a few digits.

At a time when more and more businesses are working in different parts of the world or are working remotely, these types of features make easy work of cross-team coordination and communication.

Information and knowledge-sharing is significantly easier

Another major perk of hosted voice solutions is that it can act as a platform for knowledge-sharing between teams in an organisation.

What does this look like? Imagine a company where employees share resources and insights in a central location where all team members can access them. This is particularly useful if your business has customer support or sales teams, who can share what they glean from external interactions with internal teams - most importantly, the marketing department.

Systems with this type of functionality also make team management more effective because team leaders enjoy an overview of everything that’s happening at any given time.

Hosted voice solutions; a modern communication solution for resilient businesses

Hosted voice solutions are fast becoming a business essential in a world where remote working is the norm rather than the exception. Even in in-office settings, these solutions can make a major difference in terms of communication, cross-department collaboration, and work allocation. 

When this all adds up, businesses are able to provide seamless customer service and high-quality products and services. At a time when businesses need to do everything they can to hold on to their share of the market, perfecting internal processes is crucial.

That’s exactly where VoIP comes in. Find out more about how you can change your operations - including reducing call costs and phone rental charges between 20%-50% - with our hosted voice solutions.