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Enjoying the perks of remote work with powerful VoIP services

In the modern world, it often feels like we’re never not in contact with one another. That is to say, we are constantly in contact, whether it is through social media, video conferencing, voice calls or any number of other platforms and services (including VoIP services) that are designed to bring us closer together. 

But the world is evolving with each passing day, and our needs and circumstances change along with it. 

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit—and despite having every modern communication system, device, and software on hand—it was a major adjustment. This was especially the case when it came to working from home. 

I was used to seeing my team face-to-face. Almost overnight, this option wasn’t available anymore. 

I wasn’t alone; many businesses scrambled to set up WFH practices only to realise that this transition wasn’t as easy as shutting yourself away from your family, with your laptop, and hopping on regular Zoom meetings. 

But what do you do under the circumstances? Face-to-face meetings are a threat to public health and safety and many countries around the world rolled out lockdowns to meet the threat of the virus and mitigate the risks. 

Keeping in touch with VoIP services is second-nature for my team and I, so when COVID-19 hit, we felt far more prepared for the aftermath of lockdowns and remote working. For us, the transition was far smoother than the circumstances we were hearing about from our families and friends.

We weren’t alone in this experience either. Many believe that despite the challenges that have presented themselves, the pandemic simply accelerated the trend towards flexible working arrangements and that remote working is here to stay.

That means that the technologies that enable smooth remote working, such as VoIP services, are also here to stay.

VoIP services: Whenever and wherever 

Transitioning to remote working, especially for companies that don’t have these systems in place, is far from easy. With VoIP services; however, this transition is a whole lot smoother. 

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, VoIP services will keep you connected with your coworkers. All you need is an internet connection and voila! Welcome to the modern workplace.  

VoIP services help you save resources in the long-term

It doesn’t matter how low-cost remote working practices are to a business if productivity suffers or workers feel dissatisfied by the circumstances. 

A dip in productivity leads to wasted resources, time, and expertise, and dissatisfaction among your employees.

With VoIP services, you tend to enjoy greater resilience, adaptability, lower costs, and more meaningful communication. VoIP-hosted communication provides companies with increased connectivity that allows them to monitor productivity more closely and make the right adjustments if required.

VoIP services support training and facilitate growth opportunities

Just because you’ve rolled out a remote working strategy, it doesn’t mean that the trajectory of your company and its short and long-term goals need to change. 

Your company still needs to progress and meet targets, despite the crisis, for the sake of your stakeholders. VoIP services make it possible for you to not just survive—but thrive. 

With a VoIP system in place, you can record interactions between your clients and your teams and use this information to analyse points of improvement and carry out more in-depth training programmes. 

Can JT’s Cloud support you with the VoIP services you need? 

Here at JT’s Cloud, we provide you with a range of VoIP services to meet all your remote working requirements. Whether you’re a sole trader, small business or medium-sized business, we have a VoIP solution to suit your specific circumstances.

Our systems are all fully hosted, which means we’ll sweat the small stuff like updates and fixes; all you need to do is benefit from how easy our solutions make the transition to remote working. 

Take advantage of our extensive solutions and hands-on services today by scheduling a meeting with the experts at JT’s Cloud.


Get ready for the future of the workplace with VoIP services!