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The link between a unified communication system and happy employees

A unified communication system refers to where your team’s communication channels are unified on a single platform. From video calling to instant messages, everything is managed on one system. VoIP solutions are a perfect example.

At this unprecedented moment in human history, powerful communication is the one thing that’s keeping people connected. It’s also keeping businesses and their teams connected when various parts of the world are in different stages of COVID-19 recovery.

In this kind of global context, we need to do everything we can to move forward. The definition of business as usual has changed. We need to make sure that our adaptation of it is helping us achieve our goals.

Communication and collaboration are part of this new normal. A unified communication system may have everything to do with it. At a time when remaining on the same page is critical, this kind of platform can help your teams collaborate with minimal disruption.

What does this mean, though, when it comes to how your teams feel about their work and how they approach the work they do?

In this post, I’m diving into how unified communication systems, like VoIP, impact employee satisfaction.

Reduce fatigue and frustration through a user-friendly communication system 

If your teams have to switch between various communication devices and systems, especially while juggling deadlines, projects, and commitments, tempers can run high.

A large part of successful team management comes down to how you and your team communicate with each other—especially when it comes to the things that matter. 

A unified communication system reduces the frustration that comes with complicated communication platforms. It supports many channels of communication in one place. In the long run, this eliminates confusion, miscommunication, inefficiencies and above all, employee frustration.

Make other elements of your work easier through powerful add-ons and integrations

One of the best things about a unified communication system is all about integration. You can integrate your system with other processes and workflows in your company.

What this looks like is a more streamlined approach to work. It results in greater efficiency.

Imagine, for instance, that you integrate your communication system with your CRM or productivity tools. These types of integrations can not only make the flow of work easier but also provide you with a wealth of useful insights. 

With this data and this kind of integrated approach to your work, it’s much easier to identify opportunities for value-addition. You can foresee impending challenges and avert them before they occur.

This helps employees enjoy more satisfaction when it comes to their work.

Embrace more flexible models of working and meet various employee needs

COVID-19 aside, there are many situations where employees need to change how they work. From remote work to working on the go, ensuring employee satisfaction has a lot to do with supporting their needs.

A unified communication system makes this possible. It allows you to make allowances and help your teams do the work they do without sacrificing what they need. 

When you centralise your communication, people are able to pick up right where they left off. This ensures seamless work delivery. This is the case regardless of where they’re working from.

Boost employee satisfaction with a unified communication system with JT’s Cloud

Unlike in the past, we can no longer enjoy business success if our teams aren’t happy with the work they do. 

While this requires different approaches, streamlining work is one way of achieving this. Here, a unified communication system sits at the heart of your efforts.

VoIP is a system of this nature and one that’s excellent for both internal and external communication. With it, your teams are able to collaborate with minimal disruption or delay wherever they are. 

The future of work includes more flexible working options; by anticipating these needs and meeting them now, you set your business up for greater resilience and success.


Get in touch with my team if you’d like to know more about how we customise our VoIP systems to meet your needs!