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VoIP cloud computing communication and the future of work

VoIP is a widely-embraced form of communication technology with everyone from consumers to enterprises looking to make the switch from PSTN - AKA traditional phone lines. VoIP cloud computing communication is reliable in terms of service delivery and is by far one of the most convenient options around.

The future of work involves more flexible working arrangements, remote offices, and teams on the go. The workplace as we know it is slowly dismantling. 

COVID-19 has accelerated our adoption of this future. With the pandemic having scourged thousands of businesses, enterprises are making the switch to remote working because it’s the safe thing to do. 

With teams in different locations, sometimes even different parts of the world, communication becomes critical; a need that is met by the features of VoIP cloud computing communication.

PBX extensions help remote workers stay in touch

As one of the most popular services in the cloud computing communication market, Cloud PBX combines ease-of-use with lower costs to deliver unmatched communication features. 

Private branch exchange or PBX systems are business-grade telephone network solutions that enable communication both within and outside the organisation. It differs from traditional telephone services because it offers a host of additional features that include call conferencing, extension dialling, and business-hour settings.

Cloud PBX, also known as virtual PBX is an IP-based PBX solution that runs on the internet. This greatly enhances remote working; with its reliable interface, teams can reach each other from various locations.

PBX hosting also eliminates the hassle involved with manual data storage. Data is made accessible from anywhere on the cloud, ensuring employees are in the loop at all times.

PBX extensions, in turn, facilitate greater internal communication, regardless of where remote teams are located. As the future moves towards this style of working, extension systems offer a reliable channel for instant communication. 

To get a little bit of an idea, here’s a look at the backend of our PBX platform. As you can see, the platform is quite intuitive and helps you set up extension lines within your team.

screenshot of the PBX platform

Voicemail for workers on the go

For workers on the go, the voicemail feature is quite useful because it helps them stay in the loop even when they’ve clocked out. 

Regardless of where you have to travel, the voicemail feature allows you to screen important calls and leave the rest to your voicemail - these recorded messages will be there when you return back to work.

At JT’s Cloud, our VoIP system caters to this need with our very own Voice Mailboxes. We help your teams keep track and save voicemail clips, allowing them to make sure that work is attended to the way it’s supposed to.

screenshot of the PBX platform 2

Audio/video conferencing that boosts remote collaboration

Every company, at one point or the other, will have to turn to conference calls for coordination and collaboration. These features are part of cloud computing communication and help teams bridge great geographical distances to get work done. 

VoIP facilitates this via audio and video calling, helping your teams enter the future of work without compromising the quality of service or critical deliverables. 

The following screenshot is a quick look at how conferencing features are accessed on JT’s Cloud VoIP system. As you can see, it’s as simple as clicking a big, green button :) 

screenshot of the PBX platform 3

Call recording for remote employee training

If your company is working in a regulated industry, then call recording may become a necessity. In other instances, you may want to record calls to keep a track of customer experience. Recordings are also leveraged for training purposes; employees may be tracked for their performance through recorded messages. 

A good VoIP solution would give you the option to record your conversations with the ease of pressing a button. This recorded content is stored in audio form to be accessed and replayed at a later time. 

Relying on features like this, service delivery can be enhanced in targeted and specific ways. 

On JT’s Cloud VoIP system, we facilitate call recording with a click of a button.

screenshot of the PBX platform 4

Why cloud computing communication is the future of work

The future of work is approaching us at break-neck speeds. If you are looking for telecommunication solutions, VoIP-based cloud computing communication helps you meet this future with greater confidence and dexterity. 

With an increasing number of organisations opting for remote work, especially during this pandemic, VoIP-based cloud computing communication has become a top choice for companies.

Here at JT’s Cloud, our VoIP cloud computing communication solutions help you reach the zenith, no matter what it takes. Our team provides you with the support you need to make the most informed decisions for your business.