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Are you still using a traditional phone line? Why?

There are so many choices in the market for businesses and what communications they should use. With increasing and constantly evolving technology it can be hard to make a decision between VoIP and a traditional landline. We try to take the pain away from you by doing the analysis for you so you're better equipped to make a decision for your business.

We'll compare the benefits that a VoIP line has over a traditional line, but first we'll explain what VoIP is. It's voice over Internet protocol, so what that means is that instead of having a
fixed landline, your VoIP line is connected through the internet.

Although when you have a monthly landline connection you have access to voicemail, caller ID, call forwarding these features will cost you extra money. They are add ons. The great thing about VoIP is that you not only get those features you get more, and they're included in the base so you actually save money. There are also more choices with VoIP.

The cost of running VoIP is lower than the cost of a traditional landline so if you want to save your business money and make a lot of calls then VoIP could be right for you.

The actual cost of the VoiP management is much cheaper than the cost to maintain a landline. A landline may require you to hire a technical support person however VoIP will not. When you run VoIP you don’t have the same wiring so it is easier and more cost effective to manage. Due to having fewer systems to manage that will save you staff management costs.

A lot of people don’t realise that because you don’t have the same wiring you can actually save on office space which saves you rental costs and leaves you with more money in your business account. You won’t need to pay for things that you don’t need to pay for and can therefore invest in the parts of your business that you want to.

That will make life much easier for your staff. Generally when you have a landline you may have associated problems. That’s not the case with VoIP. VoIP is easier for employees to
manage themselves.

If your staff do have issues with the VoIP then they can access customer support more easily. Unlike landlines which rely heavily on old technologies, VoIP is based on newer technologies and that also increases the reliability of the system.

If your business runs a lot of conference calls then VoIP could be perfect for you because more than two people can be on a call at one time. This means that you can get down to business from the comfort of your office with all relevant parties involved in the conversation. That will save you time on lost productivity due to holding meetings and being able to stay in your office. If you run a small business then time out of the office can be very costly so VoIP will truly allow you to focus on your key tasks and duties.

VoIP is much more cost effective for small businesses and all small business owners want to save money where possible. For that reason you should consider VoIP or give us a call today to discuss your requirements.

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