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The Benefits of VoIP Phone Systems for Businesses

When it comes to calling and communication systems for businesses, VoIP phone systems are renowned for their ability to improve connectivity while cutting down on costs. 

During this period of remote working, these solutions are doubly useful. With the ability to make calls over the internet, remote teams are able to collaborate more meaningful despite physical and geographical barriers - and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

Especially useful among sales teams that operate internationally, VoIP phone systems are gradually moving beyond their relative exclusivity within the sales and customer service worlds. If you’ve heard raving reviews of this solution and are curious about how it will benefit your business, look no further.

VoIP cuts down on 20% - 50% of your annual phone bill

Regardless of what you do, if your teams make frequent international calls or even lengthy calls to local landlines, your phone bills probably make your eyes water on a monthly basis. 

One of the single, greatest benefits of VoIP phone systems is their ability to cut down on operational costs significantly. Since calls are made over the internet, these solutions represent a major cost-saving opportunity for companies that do much of their business over phone calls. 

Moreover, this cost-saving isn’t just limited to your phone bill - it’s a composite saving including line rental, call cost, maintenance and service charges, as well as contract fees!

Meaningful remote collaboration is the name of the game

Seamless remote operations are easily among the top priorities business owners have in mind these days. Even if your teams are in one state or country or spread out across other parts of the world, VoIP phone systems ensure that every staff member is connected to the same network, regardless of where they may be.

So, what does this mean in practical terms? 

It means that your teams will be able to answer calls and transfer calls between each other instantly. Bid adieu to complicated conference calls or even multiple phone calls to get one job done - all it takes is one call to the same network.

Enhanced call reporting and accountability

Another major benefit of VoIP systems is that they allow you to accurately track, analyse and report on the calling and communication activity within your company. While this is not something novel for customer support or sales teams, other businesses are increasingly embracing the value of communication data like this.

With this system, you’ll be able to report on:

  • How company phones are being used
  • The number of calls coming in and going out 
  • How many calls have been missed
  • How many times a phone rings before it’s answered
  • Active phone monitoring (see who is on the phone in real-time)

While these are only some of the metrics you can report on, the point is that VoIP phone systems give you a greater degree of transparency over the communication and collaboration taking place internally and externally.

Given that many businesses are pivoting towards data-driven operations, this type of raw data will allow you to optimise more inefficient and costly parts of your service delivery. 

Never miss calls or have leads drop off with VoIP phone systems’ awesome features

Beyond cost savings, enhanced collaboration among your teams, and the other benefits we’ve discussed, VoIP phone systems are also incredibly useful for many other reasons.

Features like auto-attendant, call extensions hosted by an advanced PBX system, hold music, and answering machine features, among others, can be leveraged through VoIP. 

Collectively these ensure that all lead/customer inquiries are tracked and followed up with (in case a call isn’t answered) and that calls are directed to the right person when they come in.

Supercharge your communication and collaboration with VoIP phone systems

VoIP phone systems possess significant potential for businesses; even those that are entirely separate from sales or customer service-based operations.With these solutions, you can now enjoy enhanced communication and collaboration for almost half the cost of a limited, traditional phone line.

At JT’s Cloud, we take these benefits a step further by providing you with fully-hosted VoIP phone systems. 

Find out more today.