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VoIP solutions for businesses: A choice for every business

So COVID-19 has changed everything we think we know about the world, especially about business. In this void, VoIP solutions for businesses are emerging as unlikely saviours - as the cliché goes, perhaps not the hero we wanted, but needed. 

When teams have been forced to work from home, business communication is one area that has taken a major hit. After all, there’s only so much that can be communicated over Slack or emails. 

It’s exactly in this vacuum that VoIP solutions for businesses reveal their true colours. A platform that supports calling over the internet - including video conferencing features and instant messaging - it’s helping businesses marshall their efforts to adapting to the pandemic and surviving beyond it. 

Even in the absence of COVID-19, VoIP was becoming a popular solution beyond its usual audience; i.e. sales and customer support teams. In a world where seemingly everything is digitalised, why not take traditional phone lines to the internet too? 

In this post, we dive into why VoIP systems are becoming a panacea to a truly modern challenge: Meaningful communication in spite of endless technological solutions. 

VoIP can be scaled to teams of any size with surprising ease

Given the features it affords, VoIP is often wrongly perceived as a clunky system that requires plenty of tweaking to keep up with growing teams.

The truth is that regardless of how fast your business grows, VoIP can more than keep up. It’s as simple as adding users on the backend of your system, familiarising them with how the system works, and giving them their headset. 

This is particularly useful in the current context, where most businesses are either unable to or prefer not to head back to the office. All of this can be coordinated wherever you are with ease.

VoIP can be customised to your specific needs - there’s no one-size-fits-all

Another fact that makes VoIP solutions for businesses particularly useful is that its features can be customised based on what you and your teams need.

VoIP comes with an array of features designed to make communication easier: Direct Inward Dialling, which is more commonly known as an extension system, call forwarding, call waiting, caller ID, faxing, call queues, dial-in tunes, time switches and the like.

If you’re only interested in a few of these features, you can speak to your service provider and customise your system accordingly. This helps you leverage VoIP solutions for businesses with greater ease and at a price point that works for you. 

VoIP supports the business push for data-driven decision-making

A system geared to helping companies become, what we like to call, future-proof, VoIP solutions for businesses support data gathering and analysis in one of the most critical areas of business - communication.

At JT’s Cloud, our VoIP solutions for businesses pack powerful reporting features that allow you to take a look at how your phones are being used, including the calls that come in and go out, how long phone calls are, and other useful metrics. 

These help you understand how effectively your teams are communicating and collaborating.

At a time when we feel like we’re losing control over our lives and the work we do, these insights will help you identify new opportunities, spot trends and problems, and find ways to improve efficiency.

The best part is that none of this would be guesswork. You have the data - all you need to do is act on it. 

Meet modern communication needs with powerful VoIP solutions for businesses 

VoIP solutions for businesses are geared to support enterprises, especially SMEs, in the post-pandemic world we are gradually (albeit haltingly) approaching.

As companies shift their focus inwards on how to improve the work they do, VoIP is likely to prove formidable, helping businesses coordinate more meaningfully and personally with clients, as well as improving how internal teams work with each other.

There’s no time like the present to change how you approach the little things - like making a phone call - to enjoy more impactful changes to your business.