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With the growing sophistication of cloud communication technology, accessibility and affordability to technology have also improved, levelling up the business playing field considerably. Now, even VoIP solutions for small businesses are on the rise, enhancing connectivity, cost-efficient communication and coordination, and powerful business process management.

A solution once restricted to big businesses and big names, VoIP is proving to be nothing short of revolutionary for teams trying to get on their feet. So, what are the major advantages of VoIP solutions for small businesses?

1. Powerful CRM integration for data-driven sales and customer service

CRM platforms are used extensively by businesses of all sizes and when used in conjunction with VoIP solutions for small businesses, they can prove to be a powerful way of following up with leads, managing queued calls, improving customer service on an individual basis by listening to call recordings, and carrying out targeted follow-ups.

For small teams trying to get their foot in the door, an integrated VoIP and CRM system will also make allocating lead and customer follow-ups to each team member a more systematic process. Progress monitoring on this front is also made significantly easier.

2. Communication without the cost

This is, arguably, one of the biggest benefits of VoIP solutions for small businesses: The ability to make phone calls without incurring the eye-watering wrath of monthly phone bills.

Given that VoIP systems host communication over the internet, this means that you can bid goodbye to phone charges and fixed-line costs. While you will still have to pay for your internet, VoIP represents a significant cost-saving potential for small businesses, comprehensively cutting down on communication expenses between 20%-50%.

3. VoIP systems make remote work a breeze

Given that many small businesses tend to operate remotely, nowadays, robust systems and policies for communication and coordination need to be in place to ensure that work gets done and daily and weekly goals are met.

VoIP software now comes packed in with high-quality video and audio calling features as well as powerful instant messaging, which makes coordination among team members - regardless of where each person is located - much easier.

VoIP software can also be installed on mobile devices.

4. It’s an integrated, affordable communication solution

Instead of paying multiple subscriptions for various communication and collaboration applications, VoIP solutions for small businesses facilitate multiple modes of communication, without costing you big bucks.

This also alleviates any confusion or complexity in your communication process. You have one platform on which you can make audio calls, video calls and send instant messages to team members.

VoIP systems also host Direct Inward Dialling, which means that team members can get through to each other easily through an extension system.

5. A flexible solution for growing businesses

As a small business, you’re primed for growth. It’s very easy to go from one team to five teams to ten in a short period of time. That’s why it’s important that whatever tools and systems you add to your operations, like VoIP software, are flexible and can adapt to your needs without too much manoeuvring.

Many VoIP systems, including our solution at JT’s Cloud, are fully hosted, which means that all changes and updates are handled by our team. We also give you complete control to leverage administrative features like adding and removing teams, accessing call statistics and reports and so much more.

VoIP solutions for small businesses are communication game-changers!

With the prediction that small and medium-sized businesses will grow more than 15% in the VoIP market by 2025, it’s clear that VoIP solutions for small businesses will become a major driver of businesses efficiency and success.

For businesses that haven’t already jumped aboard the bandwagon, VoIP systems are an incredible one-time investment. Find out more about the fully-hosted service we offer, here at JT’s Cloud, through our premier VoIP system and dramatically reduce your operational costs and improve how you do business at home or at work with communication systems straight from the future. We also provide you with support in implementing other cutting-edge work operating systems.

Get in touch with our team today for more information.