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JT’s Cloud meets NBN: how we power businesses with high-speed internet

Powerful internet has become a basic necessity for just about every business. From the local grocery store to high-powered corporate firms, internet access is non-negotiable - a world without it is practically unimaginable.

In Australia, NBN performs the very crucial role of powering homes and offices with the internet. Responsible for the design, building, and operation of ‘Australia’s wholesale broadband access network’, NBN strives to bridge the digital divide by ensuring that internet access is convenient and affordable.

In order to do so, they work together with partners like JT’s Cloud, who are committed to delivering sophisticated internet-powered services and solutions - like our VoIP systems - to businesses with a competitive edge.

Find out more about our revolutionary agreement, designed to bring you to the new age with affordable and high-speed internet, below.

Bid goodbye to expensive lock-in contracts

One of the best things about our partnership with NBN is that there are no expensive, lock-in contracts. 

In our bid to provide our clients with services and solutions that make a difference, giving them the ultimate flexibility is key. If this means that you want to leave after a while, you’re free to do so. If you already have a modem, we work with your existing hardware. If you don’t, we equip you with your own modem for $99 inclusive of GST.

This applies to our range of NBN-powered internet plans and our VoIP contracts as well. So, if you’re on the lookout for a powerful communication system for your business and high-speed internet, JT’s Cloud and NBN have everything you need. More on that below.

Affordable internet packages to meet various needs

Regardless of whether you’re a small business or a mega-sized corporation, you’re going to need an internet connection. What will differ is how powerful your internet needs to be. Smaller teams, for instance, can operate quite efficiently with lower download and upload speeds compared to larger organisations.

By speaking to our team at JT’s Cloud, we help you find the right package for your business. If at any point you wish to upgrade or downgrade your package, you only need to let us know!

Powering your JT’s Cloud VoIP systems with reliable internet packages

Another highlight of our partnership with NBN is that we’re now offering contract-free VoIP packages with the internet that powers it! This means that you can also choose internet packages specifically catering to your calling and communication needs.

With VoIP by JT’s Cloud, you can power your traditional telephone system with internet connectivity and cut down on call charges exponentially. 

By serving numerous clients across Australia, we’ve recorded that our systems have the potential to cut down on monthly phone bills between 20%-50%. We even offer you a free phone bill comparison so you can take a look at your estimated savings. 

With our VoIP systems in place and with high-speed internet courtesy of our partnership with NBN, you can transform how your business communicates and modernise your workflows overnight. Our team provides you with complete support and our systems are fully-hosted - this means that you only need to set them in and forget; we do everything else.

Check out our NBN packages and start availing high-speed internet at work

Slow internet is a bane to productivity. It kills motivation, teamwork, and efficient completion of tasks. Businesses in the 21st Century can’t run like this. Today, we require internet speeds that can comfortably accommodate our needs.

Through our partnership with NBN, here at JT’s Cloud, our goal is to provide your business with the services and solutions you need to succeed. Check out our packages and get in touch with our team to find out more about how you can equip yourself with our internet and VoIP solutions!


NBN 25 Plan/Essential

Upload speed of 25Mbps



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NBN 50 Plan/Ultimate

Upload speed of 50Mbps



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NBN 100 Plan/Optimum

Upload speed of 100Mbps



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