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How VoIP software is changing the business communication game

VoIP software is a renowned business tool within the sales and customer service worlds. A powerful communication system with the power to drive down call costs and fixed telephone line charges between 20%-50%, it has changed the game for businesses, especially as they adapt to more remote working models.

Beyond its power to drive down operational costs, however, VoIP software has another claim to fame, particularly its power to revolutionise how businesses communicate with external parties and among internal teams. 

So much so, in fact, that its use is extending far beyond the sales and customer service industries and is helping all kinds of businesses supercharge their communication and collaboration in this digital age.

Say hello to high-quality communication

One challenge for businesses, especially those that need to communicate over the distance, is high voice quality when using fixed lines or mobile services. Given that VoIP software hosts its communication channels over the internet, high-quality calling is generally a foregone conclusion. 

Apart from the obvious benefits of high-quality calls when interacting with clients, customers or other external parties, it also aids easier collaboration and coordination between business teams. This is no small feat considering the fact that powerful communication is required to run an organisation, especially as more businesses switch to WFH. 

In a context like this, high-quality audio and video calls can make all the difference between a successful transition and a failed one.

VoIP software goes beyond audio phone calls

Another major perk when it comes to VoIP software is that it doesn’t only facilitate more affordable, stable, and high-quality audio calling; it’s also excellent for video calling and instant messaging

While audio calls are important, a majority of business communication takes place over video meetings and instant messaging during work hours. With VoIP software, you can kill more than two birds with one stone and leverage a powerful communication platform for all your business communication needs, without the need to invest in other types of software.

Having all communication rooted in one platform certainly makes life easier for teams at work.

VoIP systems also host powerful extension systems 

VoIP software is also renowned for its powerful DID - Direct Inward Dialling - system. This means that using 3-digit extensions (or 4 or 5-digit extensions), users on the same network (basically users in the same organisation or team) simply have to dial the relevant extension to get through to the person they need to speak to.

VoIP has transformed DID in recent years, allowing callers in different locations to be connected to the same network. It has also ensured that companies can leverage the benefits of unlimited virtual extensions, depending on the type of agreement/package they go for. 

What’s more is that inbound calls can be transferred through the extension system, ensuring that calls are directed to the right person every time, eliminating easily preventable delays and inefficiencies. 

Leveraging communication metrics to improve internal collaboration

Another powerful benefit of VoIP software is its ability to allow management to have a look at how internal teams are working together and coordinating their work. 

All too often, people get stuck working in-silo and fail to make the necessary connections to deliver meaningful work. Even with the availability of the right tools, this can be challenging. For management, not knowing exactly where the problem lies is another challenge - with the right data, how can you go about solving a problem you don’t know exists?

Fortunately, VoIP solutions are a rich source of data, in this regard, and give users cutting-edge insights on-call and other communication metrics based on usage. This even covers elements like how long a phone rings before a call is answered. 

Is VoIP software the way forward for powerful business communication?

With the world embracing remote ways of working following COVID-19, businesses need to look to solutions that will help them deliver the same, if not more exceptional, service without incurring additional costs.

In this process, internal business communication is a crucial prerequisite. In the absence of meaningful collaboration and coordination, how can companies make this switch? Fortunately, VoIP software is a compelling solution to this challenge.

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