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Jack Taylor

Jack Taylor

Jack Taylor is an experienced & dynamic IT professional, entrepreneur and client focussed consultant. His 10+ years of business, IT and events experience, across a diverse range of businesses and industries gives him the ability to operate with an open mind incorporating business & technical perspectives to ensure the best client outcomes. Jack is an integral member of JT’s Cloud and provides a key driving force that has given JT’s Cloud its strong foundation which is demonstrated by the growth and partnering opportunities he has secured, including several key alliances and vendor relationships, most notably the premiere established -Enterprise Certified Partner Status for Jack’s experience has been gained from running his own company for over 10+ years and has expanded into and various industries including events, IT, travel, sports and consulting. His experience in exposing himself and the business to every corner of the market has given him a breadth of skills, which he uses to focus on new projects and optimisations for the benefit of his clients.

JT's Cloud Rebrands To upstream

JT’s Cloud has continued to grow significantly since it entered the market in 2015 by providing high-quality professional services and technology to empower business globally.

At JT’s Cloud, we began as a small team with a simple mission: to provide cutting-edge cloud computing services to businesses at home and abroad.

Having grown out of Canberra, Australia, we have gone from a local business to one that is a Platinum Partner plus their APAC Partner of the Year 2020, part of the Apple Consultant Network, a working partner of Google Cloud, and have established our own telecommunications unit. Our goal has been to partner with industry leaders in the cloud software space to provide our clients with the best there is to offer.

Our business has matured, and it is time for our brand to follow. We are proud to announce that we are re-branding from JT’s Cloud to upstream.

In considering a new brand it was imperative for us to have something that matched our authenticity, enthusiasm, and expertise. The new brand needed to mature away from being cloud-focused to highlight our broad technology expertise, to enable us to always have one eye on future emerging technologies. By going upstream you are nearer to the source and by taking a path with us, we support you to move in the right direction; up.