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5 things to consider when choosing a VoIP gateway

What is a VoIP gateway? Many people wonder what VoIP is without realising that they’ve probably used the technology in the past, making calls through Skype, FaceTime or any of the free, internet calling programmes out there. 

VoIP technically stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It basically converts each phone call you make into a digital format that can then be transmitted across the internet. Given its rapid expansion in the business market, VoIP has become the number one choice for many companies when it comes to their communication system.

If you’ve been considering a VoIP gateway, yourself, here are five things you need to evaluate before you purchase your own.

How much does the VoIP gateway cost?

The cost of the VoIP system you have your eye on will depend on the features in place. Depending on how sophisticated you want your calling system to be, you will incur either a greater or lesser cost.

That being said, even small businesses can purchase VoIP gateways for a reasonable cost and reduce the cost of calls drastically. 

Even if additional hardware has to be purchased to set these systems up, businesses can still save an enormous amount of money if they’re properly configured. 

Will I need to upgrade my internet connection?

The quality of your calls will depend on the bandwidth of your internet connection - an upgrade will only be necessary if you plan on making a high volume of calls. 

If you don’t plan on burdening your VoIP system with a high-call load, your system may be facilitated well by relying on your existing internet connection. If you feel like you need higher bandwidth, your internet service provider will be able to coordinate this upgrade.

Consider your business expansion plans 

Business expansion plans should also be considered before you purchase your VoIP gateway. This ensures that you’re shifting out of a short-term mindset and are embracing a more longitudinal approach to planning the work you do. 

When choosing a VoIP gateway, it’s important to consider where you’re at - and where you want to be -  and make sure that the VoIP gateway you choose is flexible enough to grow along with your teams.  This will help you expand your communication and calling system based on the needs of your business, instead of the other way around.

Understand what your requirements are 

When choosing a VoIP gateway, you must know what exactly you require from this type of service. 

If you handle plenty of calls from clients and customers, features like an auto-attendant, dialling tunes, and mailbox features are pretty useful. If your VoIP system will be used solely among your internal teams, direct dialling features, for instance, would be more useful.

Look into your system’s compatibility with other systems

In order to gain the maximum benefit from your VoIP gateway, you need to ensure that it makes a smooth fit with your other systems and solutions. Look into the other platforms your VoIP gateway is capable of being integrated with - your CRM, for instance. 

This will make easy work of coordinating on certain tasks, especially when it comes to sales and customer support functions. VoIP can also be a useful tool when it comes to marketing, helping you leverage insights from your customers and clients and generate targeted messaging that hits the spot. 

All in all, a good VoIP gateway will make day-to-day operations easier, not more complicated. It’s also important to look into whether your service provider will provide you with the support you need in terms of system updates and user assistance. 


JT’s Cloud; a leading VoIP gateway service provider in Australia

When considering which VoIP gateway is for you, it’s important that you carefully evaluate the needs of your business against what’s on offer. 

Here at JT’s Cloud, our VoIP solutions help you reach the zenith, no matter what it takes. Our team provides you with the support you need to make the most informed decisions for your business.