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Integration Matters

Today, companies are looking to maximise their productivity and efficiency and business software integrations are a critical way to do so. With business software integrations, you can create a connection between apps and allow cross-discipline teams to receive the information they need to collaborate and respond to requests in real-time.

What is an integration?

A life without integration means that employees are spending their time switching between different apps and browsers. This can lead to a number of challenges and inefficiencies including forgetting to go to a certain app and update the right information and errors in content following the manual handling of data and documents. 
An integration is the bridge that allows two apps with their own specific purpose to communicate and share information from one to the other.

What an integration looks like in practice

1. x Outlook

By integrating your email address with your project management software, you can take your workflow to a whole new level.

For example: if your project status changes and you'd like your team to know, don't bother sending an email yourself to everyone. Instead, set up an automation that says "When status changes to something, send an email to someone".

2. HubSpot x Salesforce

Many organisations still use Salesforce as their CRM, but as many companies love HubSpot for its Marketing Hub. This integration allows you to sync your leads from one platform to the other so that you can leverage the power of HubSpot marketing tools.

3. Zapier

If your favourite apps and software don't offer the integration you need, very often you can rely on Zapier to help you connect these two apps. It will allow you to set up simple integrations to transfer data from one app to the other.

By updating your systems with a few integrations, all of a sudden, the sun feels like it is shining all the time! You have employees with more time to focus on their direct tasks, there are fewer errors in your processes - as everything is automated - and all of your team members are able to collaborate more easily. 

Your entire business will feel the positive effects of streamlined communication and leaner processes! Integration ensures that not only are you using the right digital technologies to enhance your business structures but also that each of your digital systems complements each other. Let us show you how we can help you get your business integrated and automated!