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How Taleka saved 304 hours/month in productivity with upstream

Discover Taleka, a consulting firm that went from not tracking any data to saving more than 300 hours a month in productivity, resulting in saving a monthly estimated value of more than $10,000. From the challenges they faced, to their search of a solution, to the actual implementation: welcome to Taleka's success story.

304 hrs/month $10,245/month 8xROI

Saved by optimising and streamlining existing processes and by gaining actionable insights and reporting through dashboards and notifications

Value of saved hours  
Taleka-Caroline Taleka-Chad

Caroline McKinnon
Technology Practice Lead

Chad Tucker
Portfolio Director

Taleka is a global leader in technology adoption services. They provide business consulting, training with collaboration software adoption activities and software training portal customisation.

The challenge

With businesses adopting new technology across all departments, Taleka saw the industry booming and experienced a massive growth. was the obvious solution, a platform that they're using in the entire organisation, from project management to marketing. Their objective was to get set up as soon as possible to help the organisation scale smoothly. However, Caroline and Chad didn't want to have to choose between building their setupand doing their regular job.

The solution

With upstream professional services, Taleka has been able to focus on growing their business while starting tracking in real-time their budget and resources for a seamless experience. upstream helped Taleka by enhancing their workflows and setting up the relevant automations to remove any friction in their day-to-day.

Want to know more about how upstream helped Taleka?

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