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upstream awarded the title of APAC Partner of the Year! held its annual Channel Partnerships Awards, earlier today, where it bestowed upstream with the prestigious title of APAC Partner of the Year!

“upstream has one simple mission” said Ophir Penso, Global Director of channel partnerships at, “To provide cutting-edge cloud computing services to businesses. Since becoming a partner in 2017, upstream has shifted 90% of their focus to and expanded from 3 to 13 employees, 8 of them on”

This is not the first recognition for upstream Cloud by As one of the founding channel partners in 2017 upstream has grown from a small reseller to sophisticated systems integrator and application developer. recently dedicated a blog post to their journey and has recognised upstream pioneering work with monday Apps, including a hugely popular Xero integration. is an industry-leading work operating system that empowers businesses with apps and systems that automate work processes spanning project management to media and production. 

Part of its prestigious channel partner program, the partner awards recognise the work of the company’s partners around the world.

“We’re absolutely delighted with this award” said Jack Taylor, Founder of upstream “It’s been an incredible ride, our business has grown 10x in the last year. 2 years ago we were delighted to help a team of 5 get up and running, now we are transforming whole departments in government. I can’t think of another SaaS solution that has developed this much, this fast.”

More on’s channel partner program

A platform geared at helping partners expand their capabilities, improve their credibility, and increase their streams of revenue, the channel partner program has helped businesses like ours add value to our work.

As a partner, service providers are able to access a full suite of tools including training support, certifications, collateral, webinars, and other resources that align them to the vision. This includes operations like sales and marketing, helping partners benefit from the industry expertise of one of the fastest-growing SaaS companies in the world.

Our own experience with the channel partner program has been positive and fruitful. One proud moment for us was when we built a connector between and Xero. 

While this is just the tip of the iceberg, collaborating to create something that could benefit thousands of users around the world was a gratifying experience and just one of our many proud moments as a partner!

Our mission to add value to businesses in Australia

At upstream, our team works with plenty of industry leaders to help our clients access the latest enterprise software and support. 

While we work with heavyweights like the Apple Consultants Network, Lightspeed, HubSpot, and more, has helped us improve the cross-compatibility of our solutions including our signature VoIP system. 

Given that our services are fully hosted, this expertise has helped us shape customer service and how we support our clients when it comes to specific business needs and team requirements. 

Over time, this has helped us modernise business operations and even supported the dramatic shift to remote work in light of COVID-19. This was a major concern for our team, given that we all found ourselves in truly unprecedented circumstances, navigating the challenges of social distancing and a public health crisis with a global impact. 

Helping businesses adapt to the new normal and move online, while unexpected, was an experience we’re humbled to have supported. 

Business partners like upstream and don’t just serve immediate, technological needs—we help companies add value to the work they do by helping them identify opportunities and leverage the right tech to capitalise on these. 

We help companies enter a whole new world

The business world has changed, is changing, and will change, regardless of the upheaval we’re experiencing as a result of the pandemic. 

Adapting, instead of reacting, to these changes, capitalising on new opportunities, and using the right solutions to tackle upcoming challenges is a responsibility we’re proud to assume as a partner.

Leveraging the expertise and support of our network of partners, our goal is to help businesses bridge the now of work with the future of work. It’s these efforts that keep us in business and help us work with the best in the industry.


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