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At Upstream Tech, we're all about helping businesses get the most out of their tech. Today, let's talk about one of HubSpot's coolest features that not enough people know about Custom Objects. 

What Are HubSpot Custom Objects?

HubSpot custom objects allow users to store additional information about their contacts, companies, deals, and tickets that is not available in the standard HubSpot objects. These custom objects enable businesses to tailor the CRM to their specific needs, providing more flexibility and control over their data.

How Can Custom Objects Be Used?

HubSpot custom objects are designed to extend the functionality of your CRM, allowing you to create a bespoke data structure that aligns perfectly with your business requirements. Here are some ways you can leverage custom objects:

  1. Better Data Organisation: Custom objects enable you to categorise and manage information that doesn't fit into the default HubSpot categories. For instance, if your business involves managing real estate properties, you could create a custom object for properties, allowing you to store specific details like location, size, and value directly in your CRM .

  2. Smarter Automation: With Custom Objects, you can set up automated workflows tailored to your data. This means less manual work and more personalised interactions with your customers. For instance, if you manage a subscription-based service, you could create a custom object for subscriptions and set up automated reminders for renewals .

  3. Detailed Reporting: With custom objects, you can generate detailed reports that include data specific to your business operations. This allows for better analysis and informed decision-making. For example, a non-profit organisation could create custom objects to track donations and generate reports that provide insights into donor behaviour and campaign effectiveness.

  4. Seamless Integration: Developers can use the HubSpot API to create custom objects, providing a seamless integration with other tools and systems your business uses. This means you can maintain a single source of truth for all your data, enhancing accuracy and reducing the need for manual data entry. For example, Custom Objects work well with tools like and Aircall. This integration keeps your data flowing smoothly across all platforms, giving you a complete view of your business.

Debunking Misconceptions About HubSpot Custom Objects

Misconception 1: Custom Objects Are Too Complicated

Many think Custom Objects are hard to set up, but that's not true. HubSpot has made it pretty user-friendly. And with our help at Upstream Tech, we will work with you to map out the Custom Objects and get them up and running without any hassle.

Misconception 2: Only Big Companies Need Custom Objects

Custom Objects aren't just for large enterprises. Custom objects require custom properties to store the specific data points you need. This means small and medium-sized businesses can benefit too. They help streamline operations and improve customer relationships no matter the company size.

Misconception 3: Standard Objects Are Enough

Standard objects are great, but they don't cover everything. Custom Objects fill in the gaps, ensuring your CRM fits your unique workflows and data needs.

At Upstream Tech, we’re about more than just tools—we’re about transformation. We know solutions like HubSpot inside and out, and we understand business processes deeply.

By partnering with us, you get:

  • Expert Advice: We help you figure out how Custom Objects can work best for you.
  • Smooth Implementation: Our team makes sure everything gets set up without a hitch.
  • Ongoing Support: We stick around to keep things running smoothly and optimise as you grow.

HubSpot custom objects offer a powerful way to extend the capabilities of your CRM, providing the flexibility to store and manage data that is unique to your business. By leveraging Custom Objects, you can enhance data organisation, improve segmentation and personalisation, streamline workflows, and gain deeper insights through comprehensive reporting. Whether you're a small business with unique data needs or a large enterprise looking to integrate complex systems, HubSpot Custom Objects are a game-changer for any business looking to optimise their CRM. By understanding their true potential and debunking common myths, you can unlock new levels of efficiency and growth.


Ready to see what Custom Objects can do for your business?