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Like Jira? Why you should consider dev for your next tech project

Simplifying Product and Project Management Across Your Organisation with

For teams in search of a robust project management tool, Jira by Atlassian has been a popular choice, especially among technical teams and scrum masters. It offers powerful features for managing complex software development projects. However, the challenge of integrating project teams across an entire organisation is where Jira finds its limits, particularly when it comes to encompassing broader stakeholder groups and post-delivery teams crucial for a project's overall success. This is where's development platform steps in, providing a more inclusive solution.

The Limitations of Jira

While Jira excels in serving development teams, quality assurance, and project management, it often doesn't fully support the integration of the wider organisation into the project's lifecycle. This can lead to silos, hindering seamless project execution and alignment, and ultimately, affecting the project's success.

The Advantage of Dev Dev directly addresses these challenges by offering a platform that welcomes all stakeholders into the project lifecycle. It's designed not just for developers but as a comprehensive project management solution that ensures everyone, from marketing to sales and support, is part of the project from start to finish. This inclusivity leads to better communication, clearer objectives, and a unified approach to project success.

Why Make the Switch?

The move to Dev is supported by positive market feedback and the platform's ability to create a collaborative environment that Jira cannot match. With features designed to include all parts of an organisation, Dev stands out as a platform that truly caters to the need for an integrated project management approach.

Hearing from the Experts

Mitchel Hudson, Head of Technology at Upstream Tech, says, " Dev platform is our preferred tool for internal projects and app development," emphasizing the platform's role in improving project management and collaboration within his team.

Get Started with Dev

  • Talk to Sales: Discover how Dev can revolutionize your project management efforts.
  • Read the Case Study: Stay tuned for upcoming case studies that detail how companies have transformed their project management processes with Dev.

Elevating Your Project Management Approach

Opting for Dev as your project management tool signifies choosing a platform designed for the entire organisation, not just for technical teams. Its comprehensive approach ensures that every stakeholder plays a part in driving project success, breaking down barriers and fostering collaboration. Experience the difference Dev can make for your projects today.