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With increasing online (and global) competition, customer service is becoming an important differentiator for businesses. It doesn’t matter if you are running a multimillion-dollar corporation or a small business; what matters is that you provide excellent service to your customers. 

This is why your customer service team is at the frontline of your business. They are what determine if your business makes a sale or not. This is why it’s important to equip them with the right tools and help them enhance customer satisfaction and retention.

One aspect that can add value to your business is using VoIP in customer service. 

In a world where customer expectations of support services are changing dramatically, VoIP in customer service allows your company to stay ahead of the times and make sure the customer journey is a smooth and happy one. 

Here are a few ways in which you can improve your business operations using VoIP in customer service.

You can engage more customers regardless of the time (or day)

VoIP enables 24x7x365 customer service to meet customer demands whenever. 

With enterprise-grade VoIP features, you’re able to forward, route, or transfer calls to the appropriate department at any time of the day. Even when your teams are inactive, an auto-attendant can provide a basic level of support.

Essentially, no calls go unanswered!

VoIP is also flexible enough to support teams from all over the world. If your business has branches in different regions or countries in different time zones, you can use VoIP in customer service to route calls to the appropriate branch. 

VoIP supports more meaningful engagement with customers

When you make the switch to using VoIP in customer service, these services support integrations with customer service platforms to enhance the customer experience. 

This equips your team with personalised customer information whenever a call comes through. 

Your VoIP platform will not only provide you with accurate customer details but also information on your previous interactions. 

Using VoIP in customer service, your team can provide the ultimate level of support and help customers tap into seamless service delivery that will keep them coming back for more!

This means that your customer service team can resolve customer complaints sooner and prevent complaints from escalating into major disputes. When you use VoIP in customer service, you are no longer limited to voice calls as VoIP supports communication through text, video, and even social media platforms.

You save money on customer service management

Using VoIP in customer service, you open the door to numerous cost-saving opportunities. 

You not only support employees working remotely and help them meet customer service requirements regardless of what’s happening around you (especially during these uncertain times), but also reduce overhead costs at the same time.

With the average cost of using VoIP ranging from $20 and $30 per user, per month, VoIP also allows businesses to save money on expensive phone bills.

VoIP supports business process optimisation 

Business teams need the right tools to improve internal processes and measure the effectiveness of their customer service approach. 

By integrating VoIP in customer service, you can provide senior management with key insights on how to improve client-facing processes. 

With features like call queue dashboards, you can provide your team with an overview of customer service in a glance, including the number of calls answered, callers who hung up, the duration of each call, and average answering speed. 

These reports can also be configured to meet specific business needs.

While some of this information allows managers to enhance the customer experience at the customer service level, it also helps you assess staffing requirements and shift resource allocations in real-time.

Integrate VoIP in customer service to improve your bottom line 

Improving your customer experience certainly has a beneficial effect on your bottom line.

Bad customer experience or long wait times will force customers to take their business elsewhere. When it comes to customer service, you can make a name for yourself by answering calls on time, answering customer queries efficiently, and training employees to be customer service heroes.

All these improvements are possible with the use of VoIP in customer service. Get in touch with our team at JT’s Cloud, a premium VoIP provider that allows you to customise your VoIP solution to meet the needs of your business.


Transform your customer experience with VoIP cloud services today.